Lucca House Instillation view

Lucca House was founded in response to years of looking for affordable, functional and well-made furniture. We designed the grid system to solve a series of issues we had with what was available. Originally designed out of experimentation and necessity the grid shelf was a practical solution to a common problem, a lack of storage.  The first few units were made for a college dorm, later moved to a childhood bedroom, and eventually the first apartment. 

We noticed how most furniture is difficult to disassemble and move from one home to the next while being single purpose. We wanted to design a kit of parts that can be added and subtracted depending on your needs and sizing constraints.   

We produced a few grid shelfs for a set designer when they needed a set piece for a low budget commercial that needed to fit the whole set into an Uber.

We realized quickly that this system needed to be expanded to accommodate a variety of uses. 

By designing a modular flat pack storage system, three parts can produce six ready-to-ship items that can accommodate almost any space.

Individual parts are available for sizing up or down. Whether you need more or less, the grid system moves with you. 

We hope you enjoy, 

Let’s play house.

 Grid shelf circa 2012

The first Grid shelf in 2014, made by hand.