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Blog / thinkings behind the grid.

Lucca House by Marta Murry

Interpretation of our logo by artist Marta Jane Murray.

Winter is a time for hibernation, rest, and laying the ground work for the rest of the year. Here are some boring updates for those of you who care about Lucca House as a brand.

We moved our factory & warehouse into a 3000 sq. ft. former wool mill in  the Berkshires.Western Massachusetts has a rich history of manufacturing and industry and we are excited to bring a fresh perspective to post-industrial New England.

In the Beginnings of what eventually became Lucca House, we spent a lot of time talking fondly about the Second  Industrial Revolution, which more or less took place around where we are now currently located. While it is slightly nostalgic to think we can simply make things in the United States and compete with giant vertically integrated companies, we do hope to continue to make things locally and be an American manufacturer.


We have always wanted to use a combination of automation and a human attention to detail to bring our designs to life.

We think about what has always set Itallian manufacturing  apart from the rest of the world as a case study. While there is the same amount of reliance on automation and modern tooling theres always a grumpy guy at the end with a file or a mallet to do a little bit of fine tuning.


Dominick and the Family Band Catching shade

Studio Sounds

Domnick & Family Band: Catching Shade

Not enough of an audiophile to give proper liner notes but they are wedged somewhere between the Byrds, Jerry Garcia and Joey Ramone. Do what you want with that one.

Linda Martell- famously the first black woman to play the Grand Ole Opry. 

Lastly, RIP Wyane Kramer who passed this month.

MC5- Kick out the Jams



Collaborator Bailey Hummel designed a long sleeve natural cotton tee shirt for us based around the Dymaxion map.

Wear as a comfy baselayer, or a typical long sleeve tee with a discreet Lucca House logo on the left sleeve. Show love for your favorite city and flatpack furniture brand.

A few rambling thoughts.

Much love,




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